Top things to do in Kołobrzeg

Church in Kołobrzeg


The 14th-century cathedral is the most important historic sight in town. Though badly damaged in 1945, it has been rebuilt close to its original form. For such a massive building, it has a surprisingly light-filled …
Historic Building in Kołobrzeg

Town Hall

The Town Hall, just east of the cathedral, is a neo-Gothic structure designed by Karl Friedrich Schinkel and erected by Ernst Friedrich Zwirner (who also built Cologne Cathedral) in the early 1830s after the previou…
Museum in Kołobrzeg

Polish Arms Museum

This large museum isn’t as dull as you might expect and is well worth a look if you’ve time on your hands. The displays cover the history of weaponry across the ages, with examples of swords, armour, halberds and mo…
Museum in Kołobrzeg

History Museum

Housed in an Empire-style merchant’s house called the Braunschweig Palace, the sister institution to the Polish Arms Museum has a neatly presented collection, with an emphasis on weights and scales (metrology). Head…
Polish in Kołobrzeg

Bar Syrena

The bar mleczny brought almost into the 21st century, serving Polish standards in a spick-and-span tiled dining room with abstract prints on the walls. You’ll forgive the plastic trees when you fork the filling fare…
International in Kołobrzeg

Domek Kata

Skip the downstairs over-the-top belle époque dining space and head upstairs for a more medieval banquet hall feel centred around a huge fireplace and capped with a cassette ceiling. The menu is a mixed bag of Polis…
International in Kołobrzeg

Restauracja Pod Winogronami

Extremely popular among the ambling crowds, ‘Under the Grapes’ has a slightly French air, but the meat-heavy menu draws mainly on Polish and German cookbooks. The ‘grilled boar in juniper sauce’ is delicious and can…
International in Kołobrzeg


Elevated above the snaffling promenaders and serving a mildly Mediterranean and Polish menu, this is the best of the countless eateries that gather around the lighthouse. Recommended for its fish dishes and grandsta…
Historic Building in Kołobrzeg

Lontowa Tower

Sometimes erroneously known as the 'powder tower', this tower is a 15th-century survivor from the original city walls. It's currently closed while the city authorities decide what to do with it.
Lighthouse in Kołobrzeg


To the west of the beach, by the harbour and its newly constructed cluster of waterside apartments, stands the lighthouse, which you can climb for panoramic views.