Top things to do in Kłodzko

Top Choice Fortress in Kłodzko

Kłodzko Fortress

This mighty fortification, begun under Austrian rule in the mid-17th century, was extended, modernised and modified over the following 200 years. Today it covers 17 hectares, making it the largest and best-preserved…
Church in Kłodzko

Parish Church

This church, southwest of the Rynek and dedicated to Our Lady of the Assumption, is the most imposing religious building in town. It took almost 150 years before the massive Gothic structure was eventually completed…
Square in Kłodzko


Below the town's fortress is the market square, officially titled Plac Bolesława Chrobrego. Several pastel-coloured houses on its southern side have preserved their original Renaissance and baroque decor. The town h…
Tunnel in Kłodzko

Underground Tourist Route

Near the parish church is the entrance to this interesting set of tunnels. The 600m route, enlivened by audiovisual exhibits, uses some of the medieval storage cellars that were hollowed out under the Old Town. You …
Polish in Kłodzko


Distinctively decorated restaurant opposite the monumental Franciscan church on the south side of the Młynówka River. It serves a number of Polish dishes, but our money is on the pizza and pasta choices. There’s als…
Museum in Kłodzko

Kłodzko Regional Museum

Kłodzko museum, 50m west of the parish church, has displays relating to the history of the town and the region, and a collection of contemporary glass by local artists (the region is noted for its glass production).
Bridge in Kłodzko

St John's Bridge

Southeast of the Rynek, this Gothic stone bridge (1390) spans the narrow Młynówka River. With half a dozen baroque statues flanking the sides, it’s Kłodko's scaled-down answer to the Charles Bridge in Prague.
Cafeteria in Kłodzko

Bar Małgosia

An old-fashioned joint, Małgosia is basically a simple self-service bar that serves hearty Polish dishes at crazily low prices in a soothing green interior. Just east of the train and bus stations.
Polish in Kłodzko

Restauracja w Ratuszu

Kłodko’s most formal restaurant is housed within the town hall. It has a good range of regional dishes, and a tree-shaded terrace opens in the warmer months.
Cinema in Kłodzko

Kłodzko Cultural Centre

Gives information on cultural events, and screens art-house films.