Most places adhere to the following hours. Shopping centres generally have longer hours and are open from 9am to 8pm at weekends. Museums are usually closed on Mondays, and have shorter hours outside high season.

Banks 9am–4pm Monday to Friday, to 1pm Saturday (varies)

Offices 9am–5pm Monday to Friday, to 1pm Saturday (varies)

Post Offices 8am–7pm Monday to Friday, to 1pm Saturday (cities)

Restaurants 11am–10pm daily

Shops 8am–6pm Monday to Friday, 10am–2pm Saturday

Sunday Trading Ban

In 2018 a ban on Sunday trading was introduced in Poland. Shops must close on two Sundays per month, rising to three Sundays a month in 2019 and finally all Sundays from 2020, with some exceptions before the Easter and Christmas holidays.

There are also exceptions for shops where the owner is the only worker, and for stores located in train stations, airports, ports, as well as florists, bakeries (until 1pm), ice-cream sellers, sellers of religious items, ticket sellers, newspaper sellers, post offices and tobacco sellers.