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Top Choice Museum in Katowice

Museum of Katowice History at Nikiszowiec

The city's museum has a branch in the distinctive suburb of Nikiszowiec, 5km southeast of the city centre. The district is a unique estate created for miners (and their families) who worked at a nearby shaft between…
Top Choice Polish in Katowice


Serves a range of contemporary Polish dishes in an elegant interior with lots of timber touches. Choices range from homemade dumplings with spinach and walnuts, to leg of rabbit in a mustard sauce. A classy place to…
Museum in Katowice

Upper Silesian Ethnographic Park

This sprawling open-air museum contains scores of traditional wooden buildings spread over 20 hectares. It’s situated within the even bigger Provincial Park of Culture and Recreation, which also houses a stadium, a …
Museum in Katowice

Silesian Museum

North of the Rynek, this museum features Polish paintings from 1800 to 1939, as well as various temporary displays from its vast collections (fine art, archaeology, ethnography, and local history and culture). A new…
Vegetarian in Katowice

Złoty Osioł

A cheerful, popular vegetarian cafe, the ‘Golden Donkey’ has cool hippy decor (think psychedelic walls and distressed furniture) and a tasty range of meat-free dishes, including some vegan options.
Cafe in Katowice

Kofeina Bistro

Bright modern cafe creating Katowice's best coffee, along with a selection of cakes and light meals. Breakfast is on offer, including omelettes and pancakes.
Asian in Katowice

Restauracja A Dong

This is the place to find authentic Asian food in Katowice. Dishes include Sichuan squid, Malaysian shrimps, Vietnamese octopus and lobster Saigon-style.
Church in Katowice

Garrison Church of St Casimir

The Garrison Church of St Casimir, with lovely art deco interiors, opened in 1933 – just a year before the functionalist skyscraper opposite.
Club in Katowice

Komitet PRL

Nightclub with a sense of humour and a weakness for nostalgia. Dance the night away to disco hits from the 1970s to the 1990s.
Museum in Katowice

Archdiocesan Museum

Contains a collection of sacral art from the late 14th century, including some beautiful Gothic altarpieces.