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In contrast to most of the other groups who gradually merged to form one big family of Poles, the Kashubians have managed to retain some of their early ethnic identity, expressed in their distinctive culture, dress, crafts, architecture and language.

The Kashubian language, still spoken in the home by some 50,000, mostly elderly locals, is the most distinct Polish dialect. It’s thought to derive from the old Slavic Pomeranian language; other Poles have a hard time deciphering it.

The area between Kartuzy and Kościerzyna is the most topographically diverse part of the region, including the highest point of Kashubia, Mt Wieżyca (329m). This is also the most touristy area of Kashubia, with the most facilities. Public transport between Kartuzy and Kościerzyna is fairly regular, with buses running every hour or two.

Unless you have your own transport, you miss out on some of the region by being limited to the major routes. Public transport becomes less frequent the further off the track you go. Visiting the two regional destinations Kartuzy and Wdzydze Kiszewskie will give a taste of the culture of Kashubia, though less of its natural beauty.

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