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There are 13 buses to Poznań daily (29zł, 2½ hours), most of which travel via Gołuchów (5zł, 20 minutes). There are also nine buses to Wrocław (32zł, 2¾ hours) and four to Toruń (43zł, four hours). The half-hourly suburban bus A to Pleszew also passes through Gołuchów (5zł, 40 minutes); it picks up from Plac Jana Pawła II in central Kalisz.


Trains to Łódź (22zł, two hours) run about every two hours throughout the day. There are also trains to Warsaw (49zł, four hours, four daily), Wrocław (35zł, two hours, six daily) and Poznań (24zł, 2½ hours, three daily).