Jelenia Góra

Top things to do

Polish in Jelenia Góra


With framed photos dotting the walls, individual table lamps, a well-stocked bar and a congenial atmosphere, Metafora is a good bet on the central square. It serves mostly Polish favourites such as golden pork...

Polish in Jelenia Góra

Mała Arkadia

Within a cosy interior that resembles a living room via its floral wallpaper and dark-wood furnishings, this attractive restaurant on the main square presents quality Polish dishes such as gołąbki (cabbage...

Church in Jelenia Góra

Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross

Jelenia Góra’s main attraction is this massive church. One of six new churches permitted by the 1707 Treaty of Altranstädt, it was built between 1709 and 1718 for a Lutheran congregation, though it’s been...

Basilica in Jelenia Góra

Basilica of SS Erasmus and Pancras

This basilica was erected in two stages in the late 14th and early 15th centuries; note the Gothic doorway in the southern entrance portraying Mary and St John at the foot of the cross. The interior, with its...

Square in Jelenia Góra


The elongated market square, also called Plac Ratuszowy, is lined with a harmonious group of 17th- and 18th-century houses. Much of their charm is due to their porticoes and ground-floor arcades, which provide a...

Park in Jelenia Góra

Spa Park

This lovely wooded park makes up much of Cieplice Śląskie-Zdrój's core. It houses lovely fin-de-siècle pavilions and buildings, including the domed Spa Theatre (Teatr Zdrojowy) and the wooden open-air Concert...

Cafe in Jelenia Góra

Pożegnanie z Afryką

This inviting branch of the cafe chain 'Out of Africa' peddles any number of imported beans within its dim and character-packed premises and, of course, serves great coffee. Sip and savour.

Wine in Jelenia Góra

Winnie Historie

This small, enthusiastically run wine shop is the oenophile owner's labour of love. It's a good place to begin your exploration of Poland's little-known wines.

Museum in Jelenia Góra

Karkonosze Museum

Karkonosze Museum, 650m south of the Rynek, is renowned for its extensive collection of glass dating from medieval times to the present – the art nouveau pieces are especially wonderful. On the museum grounds is...

Irish Pub in Jelenia Góra


Dependable for a pint and some time off your feet, as Irish-themed pubs the world over tend to be. The Belfast doesn't specialise in anything Northern Irish, but settles for a general Emerald-Isle allure. There...

Polish in Jelenia Góra

Restauracja Pokusa

With outdoor tables in the arcaded passageway encircling the Rynek, Pokusa is an agreeable option, with upbeat decor and a repertoire of mostly Polish food. Beyond meat and game, the list of salads is long, and...

Historic Building in Jelenia Góra

Town Hall

This 18th-century civic headquarters sits on the remains of several predecessors, most of which were victims of disastrous fires. Look for the stone fountain with a statue of Neptune in front of the building.

Pizza in Jelenia Góra

Pizzeria Tokaj

A long-term favourite in Jelenia Góra, Tokaj is a cafe-bar serving a wide array of pizzas. There's a good selection of pasta and salads as well.