Polish in Jelenia Góra


With framed photos dotting the walls, individual table lamps, a well-stocked bar and a congenial atmosphere, Metafora is a good bet on the central square. It serves mostly Polish favourites such as golden pork...

Polish in Jelenia Góra

Mała Arkadia

Within a cosy interior that resembles a living room via its floral wallpaper and dark-wood furnishings, this attractive restaurant on the main square presents quality Polish dishes such as gołąbki (cabbage...

Polish in Jelenia Góra

Restauracja Pokusa

With outdoor tables in the arcaded passageway encircling the Rynek, Pokusa is an agreeable option, with upbeat decor and a repertoire of mostly Polish food. Beyond meat and game, the list of salads is long, and...

Pizza in Jelenia Góra

Pizzeria Tokaj

A long-term favourite in Jelenia Góra, Tokaj is a cafe-bar serving a wide array of pizzas. There's a good selection of pasta and salads as well.