Jelenia Góra (yeh-len-yah goo-rah) is set in a beautiful valley surrounded by the Western Sudetes. The city has a relaxed feel and an attractive appearance, and it makes a great base for trips into the Karkonosze Mountains.

Jelenia Góra was founded in 1108 by King Bolesław Krzywousty (Bolesław the Wry-Mouthed) – legend has it that the monarch had been following a wounded deer and was so taken by the beauty of the place that he named it ‘Deer Mountain’. The border stronghold later came under the rule of the powerful Duchy of Świdnica-Jawor. Gold mining in the region gave way to glass production around the 15th century, but weaving gave the town a solid economic base, and its high-quality linen was exported all over Europe.