International in Giżycko


Restaurants on the marina may draw crowds with their lake-front views, but Grota gets the locals’ vote for its food. Wood-oven-baked pizzas and a mix of Polish and German cuisine fill the menu, and there’s canalside…
Polish in Giżycko

Bar Hornet

The suitably yellow Hornet splits itself into two sections: a self-service cafeteria and a smarter sit-down restaurant. The only difference between them is the waiters, but it’s nice to have a choice! The food’s dec…
International in Giżycko

Kuchnia Świata

The best year-round place to eat in town, the ‘Cuisines of the World’ certainly lives up to its name, with countless reminders of the culinary world you’ve left behind, such as king prawns, Greek salads and Chinese …