Gdańsk attractions

Top Choice Museum in Gdańsk

European Solidarity Centre

Opened in 2014, and housed in a love-it-or-hate-it example of 21st-century architecture (its rusty steel plates designed to evoke ships under construction), this exhibition has quickly become one of Gdańsk's unmissa…
Top Choice Church in Gdańsk

St Mary's Church

Dominating the heart of the Old Town, St Mary’s is often cited as the largest brick church in the world, its massive 78m-high tower dominating the Gdańsk cityscape. Begun in 1343, the building reached its present pr…
Top Choice Museum in Gdańsk

Museum of WWII

Opened in 2016, this striking piece of modern architecture is a bold addition to the northern end of Gdańsk's waterfront. It has rapidly become one of the city's must-visit attractions, tracing the fate of Poland du…
Top Choice Square in Gdańsk

Długi Targ

Długi Targ (Long Market) was once the main city market and is now the major focus for visitors. Things have got a bit touristy here over the last decade (dubious amber stalls, restaurant touts), but look up from the…
Museum in Gdańsk

National Maritime Museum

This is a sprawling exhibition covering Gdańsk's role as a Baltic seaport through the centuries. The headquarters, the multimillion-euro Maritime Cultural Centre, has a permanent interactive exhibition 'People-Ships…
Museum in Gdańsk

Historical Museum of Gdańsk

This museum is located in the historic town hall, which claims Gdańsk’s highest tower at 81.5m. The showpiece is the Red Room (Sala Czerwona), done up in Dutch Mannerist style from the end of the 16th century. The 2…
Landmark in Gdańsk


Part of the National Maritime Museum, the oh-so conspicuous Gdańsk Crane (Żuraw) soars above the busy waterfront. Built in the mid-15th century as part of the biggest double-towered gate on the shoreline, it also se…
Historic Building in Gdańsk

Town Hall

Dominating Długi Targ, Gdańsk's impressive Gothic-Renaissance town hall boasts the city's highest tower at 81.5m. It is home to the Historical Museum of Gdańsk.
Museum in Gdańsk

Artus Court Museum

Rising in all its embellished grandeur behind the Neptune Fountain, the Artus Court is perhaps the single best-known house in Gdańsk. The court has been an essential stop for passing luminaries ever since its earlie…
Church in Gdańsk

St Bridget’s Church

Founded over 700 years ago, St Bridget’s was reduced to medieval brick dust in 1945, and until 1970 only the outer walls were left standing. Very little of the prewar furnishings survived, but if you’ve taken a fanc…