Top Choice Church in Gdańsk

St Mary's Church

Dominating the heart of the Main Town, St Mary’s is often cited as the largest brick church in the world. Some 105m long and 66m wide at the transept, its massive squat tower climbs 78m high into the Gdańsk cityscap…
Top Choice Square in Gdańsk

Długi Targ

Długi Targ (Long Market) was once the main city market and is now the major focus for visitors. Things have got a bit touristy here over the last decade (dubious amber stalls, restaurant touts), but look up from the…
Top Choice Museum in Gdańsk

European Solidarity Centre

Housed in a mind-boggling ugly, oh-so 21st-century hulk of architecture, the exhibition in this unmarked centre (finding the entrance will be your first task) has quickly become one of Gdańsk's unmissables since it …
Museum in Gdańsk

Artus Court Museum

Rising in all its embellished grandeur behind the Neptune Fountain, the Artus Court is perhaps the single best-known house in Gdańsk. The court has been an essential stop for passing luminaries ever since its earlie…
Market in Gdańsk

Market Hall

Built on the site of a Dominican monastery, the late-19th-century Market Hall is more interesting for its wrought-iron railway-station architecture than for the procession of butchers, bakers and wedding-dress maker…
Museum in Gdańsk

Historical Museum of Gdańsk

This museum is located in the historic town hall, which claims Gdańsk’s highest tower at 81.5m. The showpiece is the Red Room (Sala Czerwona), done up in Dutch Mannerist style from the end of the 16th century. The 2…
Museum in Gdańsk

Amber Museum

This museum is dedicated to all things amber and the craft of designing and creating amber jewellery. The musuem is located in the Foregate, a former prison and torture chamber, so in addition to amber displays, the…
Museum in Gdańsk

Ethnographic Museum

Installed in an unusual granary, this small collection is really only interesting for those with a passion for 19th- and early-20th-century fishing and agricultural paraphernalia.
Gallery in Gdańsk

Modern Art Gallery

Behind Oliwa's cathedral is an 18th-century abbots’ palace, now home to the Polish modern art branch of the National Museum of Gdańsk.
Museum in Gdańsk

National Museum’s Department of Early Art

Located just outside the Main Town, the National Museum’s Department of Early Art is housed in the vaulted interiors of a former Franciscan monastery. It covers the broad spectrum of Polish and international art and…