Mall in Sopot

Crooked House

The warped, modern Crooked House is a a typical piece of post-communist architectural experimentation and well worth investigating. Concealed within its twin-level innards are several shops and a dozen bars and rest…
Market in Słupsk

Sunday Flea Market

Each Sunday a superb flea market takes place near the castle with everything from commie-era vinyl to Kashubian plates, Dirty Dancing videos in Polish and biographies of Piłsudski laid out on blankets and trestle ta…
Arts & Crafts in Gdańsk

Galeria Sztuki Kaszubskiej

For genuine handmade Kashubian handicrafts, look no further than this small shop near St Mary's Church. Porcelain and embroidery dominate the range, much of which is designed and produced by the owner.
Art in Gdańsk

Galeria SAS

The quality oil paintings at this commercial gallery make unique and interesting souvenirs. All are by local artists and the owner is very knowledgeable about her collection.
Arts & Crafts in Toruń


Small branch of the national chain selling all kinds of genuine handicrafts as well as mass-produced fridge magnets and the like.
Food in Toruń

Sklep Kopernik

The place to purchase Toruń’s favourite gingerbread, housed in the Artus Court on the southern side of the main square.
Arts & Crafts in Gdańsk


A branch of the national chain and hence the most obvious place to head for Kashubian trinkets.
Food in Toruń


Small shop selling gingerbread creations straight from the factory.