Museum in Darłowo

Museum of Pomeranian Dukes

South of Darłowo’s central Rynek is its well-preserved 14th-century castle, erected in 1352 and renovated in 1988. It was the residence of the Pomeranian dukes until the Swedes devastated it during the Thirty...

Church in Darłowo

St Mary's Church

Behind the baroque Town Hall on Darłowo’s Rynek rises this massive brick church. Originally dating from the 1320s it has preserved its Gothic shape well. Worth special attention are the three tombs placed in the...

Church in Darłowo

St Gertrude's Chapel

A few hundred metres north of the Rynek stands a truly quirky piece of medieval architecture. This 12-sided chapel topped with a high, shingled central spire was once the cemetery chapel but became a church in...