Top things to do

Museum in Chełmno

Regional Museum

The epicentre of Chełmno’s chessboard of streets is the Rynek, in the middle of which stands the compact Renaissance Town Hall, built around 1570 on the site of the previous Gothic structure. It now houses the...

Church in Chełmno

Church of the Assumption

Just off the Rynek, this massive, Gothic church was commissioned by the Teutonic Knights in the late 13th century. The magnificent interior is crammed with ornate baroque and rococo furnishings, and also holds...

Cafe in Chełmno

Cukiernia Staropolska

Tiny bakery cafe on the main square filled with antiques and the aroma of freshly baked pastries and coffee. A lovely place to do breakfast if your hotel doesn't.

Historic Site in Chełmno

City Walls

Chełmno is encircled by 2.2km of defensive walls, which have survived almost in their entirety. Alas, it’s not possible to walk around the entire circumference as various gardens and the town's cemetery block the...

Church in Chełmno

Church of SS Peter & Paul

Occupying the town’s northern corner, the impressive red-brick stepped gable of this 14th-century church fronts an interior containing doored rococo stalls, a huge baroque altar straddled by a star-studded globe...

Park in Chełmno

Miniature Castles of the Teutonic Knights

Head south from the Grudziądz Gate through the park to find this open-air exhibition of nearby Teutonic knights' castles. All nine are depicted in their full glory (not the ruins they are today) with Toruń,...

Polish in Chełmno

Restauracja Spichlerz

Ask anyone in Chełmno where to head when it’s feeding time and they’ll point you in the direction of this pub-restaurant just off the Rynek. The fare is mostly Polish and hearty, the crowd a mix of vodka-swigging...