Top Choice Bar in Rzeszów

Graciarnia u Plastików

Popular student bar beneath and behind the Rynek that defies easy description. Walk down a flight of steep stairs to find thrift-shop furnishings, old lamps, plaster-of-paris sculptures, caricatures on the wall and …
Cafe in Ustrzyki Górne

Bieszczadzka Legenda

Counter-culture comes to the Bieszczady in the form of this chilled-out, welcoming cafe and lunch bar, situated 60m from the bus station toward Ustrzyki Dolne. Grab a coffee or beer, scout out a lounge chair and kic…
Cafe in Rzeszów

Hola Lola

Industrial decor, big collaborative tables, third-gen coffees to order – yep, this is where Rzeszów's hipsters cool their heels. In addition to coffee, there are lots of beers and lemonades to choose from. Good wi-f…
Cafe in Muszyna


Old-fashioned cafe and ice cream parlor that's been going strong since 1963. They have fabulous ice-cream sundaes, homemade pies and cookies, as well blocks of white and dark chocolate. The dining area has a faintly…
Cafe in Nowy Sącz

Strauss Café

Beautiful throwback cafe on the Rynek harks back to the 19th century and the Austrian occupation, complete with sepia-tone photos of Emperor Franz Joseph on the walls and lavish neoclassical interior elements, chand…
Cafe in Sanok

Coś Słodkiego Cafe

Easily the best ice cream and coffee joint within walk of Sanok's Rynek. The ice cream is homemade and the espressos prepared with an eye toward quality. There are also homemade lemonades and cakes and pastries. Tak…
Cafe in Krosno

Klubokawiarnia Ferment

A little hipster haunt on a small side street just off the northwestern corner of the Rynek. Great coffee, Hungarian wines, cocktails and small snacks, all served up in a colourful, airy, modern space that occasiona…
Bar in Zakopane

Cafe Piano

This secretive bar, situated down a back alley with a beautiful garden out back, is something of an insider's secret: located close to the throngs piling down ul Krupówki yet far away in atmosphere. The clientele te…
Cafe in Wadowice

Kawiarna Mieszczańska

Wadowice is famous in Poland for its kremówka, a calorific pastry of cream, eggs, sugar and a dash of brandy. Everyone claims to serve the real McCoy, but we think the best is here at Kawiarna Mieszczańska, next to …
Cafe in Przemyśl

Kawiarnia Libera

This offbeat student cafe is connected to a bookstore of the same name; it's on the northwestern side of the Rynek. Walk through a small metal gate to find what feels like a secret student meeting place inside.