Carpathian Foothills restaurants

Top Choice Polish in Tarnów

Kawiarnia Tatrzańska

This atmospheric restaurant-cafe sports an eclectic menu, with a starters list that includes żurek (traditional sour rye soup), carpaccio and spinach pancakes. Mains revert more or less to the mean, with items such …
Top Choice International in Przemyśl

Cuda Wianki

It's been a long wait, but Przemyśl finally has a destination restaurant on the main square. The warm interior of white brick walls, light woods, and flowers on the table hint at the quality on the menu. You'll find…
Indian in Tarnów

Bombay Music

The Bombay serves up somewhat less-than-authentic Indian dishes (plus a few European ones) in elegant surrounds, with the occasional live music set in the evenings. The restaurant is a little hard to find; it’s not …
Polish in Przemyśl

Bar Rubin

This popular 1970s-style diner serves delicious traditional Polish food at reasonable prices. With its red laminate walls and chrome chairs, the interior has a milk bar feel. One welcome touch, at least on the hot s…
Asian in Rzeszów

Restauracja Saigon

Though this is nominally a Vietnamese restaurant, the food is more reminiscent of old-school Chinese, c 1985. Think sweet-and-sour pork and egg-drop soup. That said, they have added a few Vietnamese dishes to the me…
International in Rzeszów

Stary Browar Rzeszowski

Big, handsome brew-pub on the main square that serves oversized plates of steaks, ribs, and grilled meats, plus (as a nod to Poland) dishes of housemade pierogi and an enormous golonka (oven-baked pork knuckle), her…
Polish in Łańcut

Castle Restaurant

Be sure to take lunch in the pretty castle restaurant, but try to book ahead, especially on weekends when the restaurant tends to close down for wedding parties. The food is well prepared and very modestly priced, c…
Polish in Krasiczyn

Krasiczyn Castle Restaurant

Within the castle grounds is a unadorned restaurant that serves mostly Polish dishes in traditional surrounds. It's a big step down from luxurious, but the mains – grilled meats, fish and salads – are very good and …
Polish in Przemyśl


You’ll find excellent Polish cooking at this upscale restaurant on a small square on the western end of the Rynek. We’re a big fan of the home-style żurek soup and the beef roulade stuffed with buckwheat groats.
Polish in Tarnów

Bar Mleczny Łasuch

Inexpensive milk bar serving low-priced but very good Polish staples like bigos (cabbage and meat stew) and stuffed cabbage rolls, located 200m southwest of the Rynek.