Poland is well wired, and the majority of hotels, above a basic pension, offer some form of internet access (normally wi-fi) for you to log on with your own laptop, smartphone or tablet. Additionally, many bars, cafes and restaurants, including McDonald’s and Costa Coffee outlets nationwide, offer free wi-fi for customers, though the strength and reliability of the signal can vary considerably.

Finding a Computer

Locating a computer for a few minutes of web-surfing has become more problematic. Many hotels seem to be dropping the practice of making a computer terminal available for guests, although some still do, including many private hostels. Larger hotels will sometimes have a business centre for guests to use.

The situation with internet cafes is much the same. As more and more Poles purchase their own computers, the number of internet cafes has dropped. Still, there are some around (and we’ve done our best to find them). Other alternatives for finding a computer include tourist information offices, which usually have a terminal on hand for a few minutes of gratis surfing, and local libraries.