Top things to do in Białystok

Top Choice Historic Building in Białystok

Branicki Palace

This grand former residence of Jan Klemens Branicki is surrounded by Park Pałacowy. Though he lost to his brother-in-law Stanisław August Poniatowski in the 1764 royal elections, he built a luxurious palace on a sca…
Top Choice Polish in Białystok

Sztuka Mięsa

Leading Polish cuisine to the next level, this excellent restaurant works with a range of local providers to serve superb dishes featuring local meats. The owners worked in top restaurants in the most Polish of Amer…
Gifts & Souvenirs in Białystok


Several cuts above the typical souvenir joint, this fascinating shop is filled with artful handicrafts, foodstuffs unique to the region, local microbrews, items bearing the delightful image of the 'girl with waterin…
Polish in Białystok


Adjoining posher options under the same name, this is a milk bar for the modern age. The decor is chipper, the servers engaging, kind and helpful. The food is pure Polish 101, with all the classics prepared well and…
Pub in Białystok

Gram Off On

Everything you want in a cheery local pub: great regional microbrews, savvy bartenders, lots of comfy seating inside and out, games to play and decent snacks. Don't miss the local spruce beer from Browar Markowy. De…
Public Art in Białystok

Girl With a Water Can Mural

This four-story high mural of a little girl appearing to water an actual tree has become a Białystok icon. It was painted by Natalia Rak in 2013 and has been touched up since. The work's formal name is The Legend of…
Museum in Białystok

History Museum

A light show featuring a large model of Białystok in its late 18th-century heyday is the highlight of this museum, which is an annex of the Podlasie Museum.
Synagogue in Białystok

Cytron Synagogue

Before WWII, central Białystok had 60 synagogues serving a population of over 40,000 Jews, or about half of the city's population. Only three synagogue buildings survived the war, one of which was this building wher…
Square in Białystok

Rynek Kościuszki

Białystok's focal point, the much-rebuilt Rynek is an odd trapezoidal shape. Important buildings from the city's past have been reconstructed here, including the central town hall, home to the Podlasie Museum. On th…
Museum in Białystok

Podlasie Museum

Rebuilt after WWII and modelled on the 1745 original, the town hall houses this museum. It features a modest collection of Polish paintings on the ground floor, including some important names such as Jacek Malczewsk…