Top things to do in Augustów

Top Choice Polish in Augustów

Ogródek Pod Jabłoniami

The best meal in a town that doesn't offer much in the way of good eating. The draws here are the grilled meats, including pepper steak, pork and chicken, but they also do good pizza and a whole range of cheap and f…
Museum in Augustów

Regional Museum

Augustów's regional museum is housed in two locations. The most interesting collection is dedicated to the history of the Augustów Canal and is housed in this quaint, 19th-century wooden cabin a short walk from the …
Greek in Augustów

Greek Zorbas

This popular restaurant and occasional music club offers an eclectic menu, with Greek dishes like moussaka sharing space with Polish favourites and pizza. A lively place to have a bite to eat.
Museum in Augustów

Regional Museum (Ethnographic Exhibition)

Section of Augustów's regional museum, several blocks from the Rynek, featuring a small ethnographic exhibition. You'll find it on the upper floor of the public library.
Beer Garden in Augustów

Beer Gardens

In summer, head to these semi-permanent beer gardens, by the Netta bridge and strung out along the Netta River, for cheap food and drink in a festive atmosphere.
Sailing in Augustów

Polish Sailing in Anything Championships

Highly bizarre and entertaining open event for homemade vessels, held on the Netta River.
Theatre in Augustów

Augustów Theatre Summer

Features open-air live performances and movie screenings.