Must-see attractions in Poland

  • Teatr Ludowy

    Nowa Huta's socialist-realistic architectural aesthetic extends to the area's main theatre, which was built in 1955. Early shows may have been dedicated…

  • New Synagogue

    The more important of two synagogues that survived WWII (four existed previously), the New Synagogue was built in the early 20th century. It was used as a…

  • Lontowa Tower

    Sometimes erroneously known as the 'powder tower', this tower is a 15th-century survivor from the original city walls. It's currently for sale if you're…

  • Ethnographic Museum

    Installed in an unusual granary, this small collection is really only interesting for those with a passion for 19th- and early-20th-century fishing and…

  • New Synagogue Memorial

    This memorial marks the site of the New Synagogue, built in 1872. It was the country's second-largest synagogue, until it was torched on Kristallnacht (9…

  • Medieval Granaries

    A few medieval granaries have survived at the western end of the city's riverfront defences, most now occupied by hotel rooms.

  • Kłodzko Gate Tower

    The most distinctive of the town's towers, the round Kłodzko Gate Tower guards the southwestern approach to the Old Town.

  • Gate of the Holy Spirit

    Blocking the river end of ul Św Ducha, this hefty Gothic gate is the least grand of Gdańsk's medieval gates.