Top things to do in Western Mindanao & Zamboanga Peninsula

Top Choice Museum in Zamboanga City

Fort Pilar Museum

At the southeastern end of town near the waterfront is this solid and squat building, partially restored to maintain its historic character. Inside is a museum with several impressive and recently renovated gallerie…
Top Choice Seafood in Zamboanga City

Alavar Seafood House

Seafood, of course, is the speciality here – choose the species, size and cooking method from a menu of delicacies. What sets Alavar apart is the beautiful trellis-covered backyard. Enjoy a lantern-lit dinner serena…
Island in Zamboanga City

Santa Cruz Island

Great Santa Cruz Island is around 7km off the Zamboanga City waterfront, and is home to only a few dozen families from the Samal tribe. Visitors come to see the pinkish 2km-long beach, coloured from finely crushed r…
Waterfall in Western Mindanao & Zamboanga Peninsula

Tinago Falls

Hidden deep in a mountain, Tinago Falls is the most spectacular of Iligan’s waterfalls; you can drive to the start of the very steep stairway (365 steps) down. During the wet season, it’s a loud violent cascade, but…
Arts & Crafts in Zamboanga City

Yakan Weaving Village

About 7km out of Zamboanga City, heading west, the Yakan Weaving Village is really no more than a collection of six or seven stalls selling some high-quality Yakan weavings, such as table runners and place mats; a l…
Filipino in Zamboanga City

Mano-Mano na Greenfield

About 1km north of the Edwin Andrews Air Base, and housed in a large, flashy version of the native-style outdoor pavilion, Mano-Mano specialises in grilled pork spareribs and baby back ribs. Its Paseo del Mar locati…
Waterfall in Western Mindanao & Zamboanga Peninsula

Maria Cristina Falls

Even though the twin Maria Cristina Falls are being harnessed for their hydroelectric power, you can climb to the top of an observation tower for excellent views (you'll find a small zipline, an eatery and a crocodi…
Filipino in Zamboanga City

La Vista Del Mar

One of the more pleasant places to eat is this outdoor restaurant, inside the resort of the same name, just past the Yakan Weaving Village (taxi P100), west of the city. An American military outpost is next door.
Notable Building in Western Mindanao & Zamboanga Peninsula

President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s Childhood Summer Home

Directly in front of Timoga Springs, along the main highway, this is only really interesting to political buffs. Perhaps most curious are the family photos documenting Macapagal-Arroyo from child to adult.
Religious in Zamboanga City

Fiesta de Nuestra Señora Virgen del Pilar

Although a Christian festival, it's a time for parades, dances, markets and food fairs enjoyed by the whole community. A big regatta brings vintas (traditional boats) out onto the water.