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Kusina Salud

This marvellous and uniquely designed restaurant, about 1.5km off the road between San Pablo and Villa Escudero (look for a yellow sign on the left heading south), serves up original takes on Filipino favourites in …
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Dambana ng Kagitingan

Every 9 April, American and Japanese veterans gather at the Dambana ng Kagitingan on top of Mt Samat and pay tribute to the thousands of their comrades who fell in the surrounding jungles. The centrepiece of the shr…
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Philippine Institute of Volcanology & Seismology

If you want to find out about Taal Volcano, the Philippine Institute of Volcanology & Seismology, 3km west of the junction, houses the monitoring station, an interesting museum and seismographs of recent events.…
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Barcelona Multipurpose Cooperative

The Barcelona Multipurpose Cooperative, down a side road off the main thoroughfare, sells a wide range of very reasonably priced boxes, place mats, sunhats and other products made of natural fibres. This is a cooper…
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Samyz Pizza Bar & Restaurant

An air-conditioned refuge in the middle of town, Samyz Pizza Bar & Restaurant has cable TV and a wide-ranging menu, even if the cheese on the pizzas seems suspiciously unnatural. Come here to use the internet wi…
in Bohol

Prosafari Dive & Equipment Center

Divers can find equipment at the Prosafari Dive & Equipment Center on the 2nd floor of Bohol Quality Mall.
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Gladys Point Eatery & Snack House

On the corner (E Quirino St), Gladys Point Eatery & Snack House serves Filipino food and hamburgers.
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Cainget Fish Grill

Something of a well-kept secret – continue about a block north of La Roca on Graham Ave and look for the small sign on your left. Follow the steps down to a simple platform out on the water, where you can choose fre…
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Shiang Ma Nou

A trendy new Chinese place near the Knights of Columbus (K of C) church. Seafood is a speciality and all meals are well prepared and beautifully presented.
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An air-conditioned oasis set back behind CPG Ave, it has the usual Starbucks-style coffees and basic cheap meals. Wi-fi is P30 per hour.