Viewpoint in Tagaytay & Lake Taal

People’s Park in the Sky

Improbably perched on a towering mound of earth at Tagaytay’s eastern end, this is Ferdinand Marcos’ unfinished summer home. It's a derelict yet strangely intriguing ruin, with a decrepit Greek-style amphitheatre, v…
Amusement Park in Tagaytay & Lake Taal

Sky Ranch

The centrepiece of this ridge-top amusement park is the 63m-high Sky Eye (P150) Ferris wheel, visible for miles when illuminated at night. There are another 20 or so rides of varying thrills and a dozen dining optio…
Museum in Tagaytay & Lake Taal

Philippine Institute of Volcanology & Seismology

The Philippine Institute of Volcanology & Seismology, on the lakeside 3km west of the main Tagaytay road junction, houses a monitoring station, with a very basic on-site museum detailing previous eruptions and s…