Top things to do in Southern Palawan

Archaeological Site in Southern Palawan

Tabon Caves

The most anthropologically significant site in the Philippines, this cave complex is where the remains of some of the earliest Philippine humans have been discovered. Fronted by turquoise waters and surrounded by pr…
Waterfall in Southern Palawan

Estrella Falls

These actually consist of some 64 falls along the Estrella River, which is fed by Mt Victoria. The lowest falls are easy to reach – they are in Estrella River Park, just a 15-miniute drive off the National Hwy. To r…
Museum in Southern Palawan

Tabon Caves Museum

This is where you go to arrange boat trips to the Tabon Caves archaeological site. Call ahead to organise a boat. The fragments of Tabon Man and other ancient cave dwellers on display are all replicas, as are most o…