Top Choice Coast in Biri Island

Rock Formations

Some of the most renowned rock formations are 2km to 3km from Biri town. Head to the northeast edge of the island, where two boardwalks take you halfway out to the offshore formations. Many Filipino film directors h…
Top Choice Beach in Calicoan Island

ABCD Beach

The best surfing on Calicoan Island is at ABCD Beach, named after the four reef breaks along this coast, and also after 'Advance Base Construction Depot', which is one for the WWII buffs. It has great left- and righ…
Island in Dalupiri Island


The forested island of Capul, west of Dalupiri, has a delightfully easygoing pace of life. It was a galleon staging post during Spanish days – the name probably comes from Acapulco, where the ships were headed – and…
Islands in Dalupiri Island

Seven Islands

This remote cluster of islands lies east of Capul. Previously virgin territory, a new beach resort has started to put them on the map. Sila Island is famous for its three pink-sand beaches.
Island in Borongan

Divinubo Island

Just offshore from Borongan, pretty little Divinubo is ringed by white-sand beaches and has a few secret surf breaks. There's a lighthouse built by the Americans in 1906. It's a good spot to take a picnic. To get he…
Viewpoint in Guiuan

Weather Station

During WWII, the US military transformed the area into a launching pad for attacks on Japan, and it was once the largest PT (patrol boat) base in the world, with as many as 300 boats and 150,000 troops stationed her…
Memorial in Catbalogan

Doña Paz Memorial

In Pieta Park (also called Doña Paz Memorial Park) this memorial is for the victims of the 1987 Doña Paz ferry disaster; most of the 4300 or so victims were from Catbalogan and elsewhere on Samar. Just 24 people sur…
Church in Catbalogan

St Bartholomew the Apostle Church

There's been a church on this site since 1616. Today's structure, dating from the mid-19th century, replaced two earlier buildings which were destroyed by fire. It faces Pieta Park.