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Getting There & Away

To easiest way to get to Sablayan is to fly to San José then take a van or bus north.

Alternatively, take a boat to Abra de Ilog, the dusty northern gateway to Mindoro’s west coast, from either Batangas (P260, 2½ hours, every three hours) or Puerto Galera (P200, one to 1½ hours, daily at 10.30am). Hop in a waiting air-con van at the pier in Abra de Ilog and head south to Sablayan (P225, 3½ hours).

Direct Dimple Star buses to Sablayan from Manila (P800, nine hours, every three hours) are also an option; these roll onto the ferry in Batangas and roll off in Abra de Ilog.

Leaving town, air-con buses rumble through town every three hours or so on their way to Manila (P800, nine hours), and in the other direction to San José (P140, 2½ hours). Air-con vans are somewhat more frequent in both directions.