Pandan Island Resort

Top choice beach resort in Sablayan

This postcard-perfect, privately owned resort island is a low-key tropical paradise. It's on a long, curving white-sand beach, and has a combination of comfortable bungalows and rudimentary budget rooms with shared bathrooms. Solar-powered electricity keeps the fans whirring all night. Tasty buffet meals cost P470 and guests are required to take at least one; full board is P1000.

Several prime dive spots surround the island, and you’d be unlucky not to see a green turtle as you snorkel. Early mornings are prime birdwatching times; rare resident species include black-naped orioles, tabon scrub fowl and emerald doves.

To get here, take the clearly marked shuttle bangka on the Sabang River just southwest of the Emily Hotel (P200 for one person, P50 for each additional passenger, 20 minutes). Entrance is P150 for day-trippers plus a P55 environmental fee.