Museum in Puerto Galera

Excavation Museum

The tiny, unattended one-room museum displays some burial jars and ancient Chinese pottery mostly recovered from the area in the 1960s. It’s in the grounds of the church.
Waterfall in Puerto Galera

Tamaraw Falls

This waterfall drops from a forested ravine into man-made splash pools off the main Puerto Galera–Calapan road, 13km out of town. It gets busy at weekends, but otherwise you’ll be just about the only person here. Je…
Cave in Puerto Galera

Python Cave

About 3km out of town on the road to Tamaraw Falls, an unsignposted track winds 2km up to Python Cave. This large cavern is said to be home to a 2m-long python. Jeepney drivers are not likely to know the turn-off, s…
Lighthouse in Puerto Galera

Escarcero Point Lighthouse

Lighthouse on the east edge of Sinandigan, 2km from Sabang.
Waterfall in Puerto Galera

Talipanan Falls & Mt Talipanan

Much less touristy than Tamaraw Falls, Talipanan Falls are a short walk from the village of Talipanan. Hire a Mangyan guide (P200) in the Iraya-Mangyan village just off the main road in Talipanan. From here a track …