Top things to do

Top Choice Italian in Port Barton


With a big open-plan kitchen filling the street with divine garlicky scents, Gorgonzola will inevitably draw you in at some point. Don't hesitate to sit down. The famously large brick-oven pizzas feed three. Other s…
Top Choice Bar in Port Barton

Reggae Bar

Pretty much everything you need in a laid-back backpacker beach bar: prime beachfront location, cheap drinks and an absolutely rocking house reggae band fronted by one of the owners. It often parties until the wee h…
Top Choice International in Port Barton

Jambalaya Cajun Cafe

A quirky vibe and huge portions of steaming jambalaya (the Cajun version of paella, properly spiced, P240 to P350) make this the best of Port Barton's beachfront restaurants. Authentic gumbo, Thai curries, good brea…
Waterfall in Port Barton

Bigaho Falls

Gorgeous little falls dropping out of the jungle near the village of Bigaho, 13km north of Port Barton on the new road to San Vicente. You can motorbike here (difficult in the wet season) or arrive by boat – it's in…
Cafe in Port Barton

Mabuti. Eat and Chill

Don't let the name fool you: this place is about good food. The mostly vegetarian menu is tight and practical. Multi-egg shakshuka breakfasts, pasta bowls and vegetarian burgers are the main offerings, along with th…
Waterfall in Port Barton

Pamuayan Falls

These refreshing 8m falls are a 4km walk or motorbike ride north of town on the rough new road to San Vicente.
Filipino in Port Barton


Backpackers flock here, and it's no wonder: Gacayan is as reliable as it gets for cheap, tasty meals. It offers backpacker staples like banana pancakes mixed with local specialities such as grilled stuffed squid. A …
Filipino in Port Barton

Ayette's Bamboo House Restaurant

Near the Caltex station, Ayette's is a friendly family-run place with several tablecloth-clad picnic tables and a few small nipa huts in the yard. Seafood dishes such as the fish curry and shrimp sinigáng are especi…