Top Choice Cafe in Boracay

Sunny Side Cafe

If you're looking for breakfast outside your hotel, come here first. You'll be amazed by the depth of the cuisine at this contemporary beachfront cafe, where even standard entries get a fresh spin. It's known for i…
Top Choice International in Iloilo

Wawa Heritage Restaurant

Now here's what this city needs more of. Situated amid the historic homes of Jaro, this charming locavore's delight feels like a 19th-century living room, and serves a tasty mix of Filipino, Chinese and Spanish 'he…
Top Choice Mediterranean in Boracay


This open-air Mediterranean restaurant and mellow beach bar is Boracay at its best. Design furniture inside, beanbag chairs on the sand, a massive tropical drink menu, ambient grooves, uber-cool sheesha pipes and e…
Top Choice Italian in Kalibo


With big portions, a long specials menu, outdoor seating and a wine list, this new restaurant a few blocks east of Pastrana Park has raised the bar in Kalibo. The air-con doesn't hurt either. Think classic pastas,…
Top Choice Filipino in Kalibo

Roz and Angelique's Cafe

This metal-roofed plantation hut has a surprising burst of style and dishes up some tasty fare in large portions. It's known for patatim (pig leg) and Peking duck. This place is moving to an undetermined location i…
Top Choice International in Boracay

Cowboy Cucina

True to its name, the menu is ranch-perfect: burgers, steaks, chilli, a splash of Mexican, and the island's best ribs, all of it eaten with your toes in the sand. A welcome anomaly: veggie options! There’s also a …
Top Choice Seafood in Boracay

Plato D’Boracay

Choose lobster, prawns and other shellfish from the D’Talipapa market, and this family-style grill will cook them for P150 to P250. The result is prices that substantially undercut the seafood barbecues on the beac…
Top Choice International in Iloilo


Known for its all-day brunch, this atmospheric modern cafe across from La Paz market is a real green shoot, featuring music, views and nicely-presented Western meals with Filipino twists. Way above the competition.
Top Choice Pizza in Guimaras


This little gem on main street San Miguel wins points for both its signature mango pizza (a must), plate-sized hamburgers and general enthusiasm. Other outlets have opened in Nueva Valencia and Buenavista.
Top Choice Spanish in Boracay


Barcelona on the beach: this classy new Spanish restaurant wins with its warm interior design, fine wine selection, beautifully presented food, progressive menu and great location.