Top Choice Beach in Boracay

White Beach

With its glorious, powdered-sugar sand, White Beach is the centre of the action in Boracay and the only sight most visitors ever see. Beach locations are defined relative to three former boat stations, where bangkas…
Top Choice River in Pandan

Malumpati Spring & Bugang River

One of the most striking natural features in western Visayas, the astonishing Malumpati Spring and Bugang River emerges from nowhere in the midst of the jungle, with perfectly clear and beautiful turquoise water, be…
Top Choice Park in Kalibo

Bakhawan EcoPark

Five minutes from town in New Buswang (P20 per person by tricycle), this 120-hectare park is the base for a mangrove reforestation project begun in the late 1980s. Visitors can check out intertidal ecology from an 8…
Top Choice Church in Iloilo

Miagao Church

Built between 1787–97, this impressive church, with its striking pyramidal towers, served as a fortress against Muslim raiders. Damaged over the years by fighting, fire and earthquakes, it was finally restored to it…
Top Choice Historic Building in Iloilo

Casa Mariquit

A massive banyan tree looms atmospherically over the entrance to this grand home built in 1803 by Philippines VP Fernando Lopez (Mariquit was his wife's nickname). Photos of meetings with Emperor Hirohito, Chiang Ka…
Top Choice Historic Building in Iloilo

Nelly's Garden

Iloilo's most famous historic home resembles the White House. You'll need to give three days' notice of your visit.
National Park in Iloilo

Bulabog Puti-An National Park

Spelunkers take note: this 847-hectare old-growth forest 33km north of Iloilo has dozens of caves, of which six are open to the public, all within 3km of the park entrance. It also has about 40km of trails and the N…
Waterfall in Tibiao

Bugtong Bato Falls

This series of seven scenic cascades at the end of the TEA Park road can be ascended one by one, offering some fine swimming holes (the third tier is especially good). The first fall (around 60ft) is reached after a…
Museum in Iloilo

Museo Iloilo

Offers a worthwhile display on the indigenous Ati (Negrito) people and a collection of old pinya (pineapple fibre) weavings, for which the area is famous. It also has treasure plucked from sunken ships and jewellery…
Park in Roxas


This mangrove park with bamboo walkway is 3½km northwest of the city centre (P25 by tricycle). It offers two-hour tours on bamboo rafts pulled by paddleboats (P1800 for boat for 10 to 15 people), with the unique add…