Ormoc restaurants

Top Choice Seafood in Ormoc

Mimay's Seafood House

This buzzing place has seafood (shrimps, crabs, lobster, scallops) and fish so fresh it's actually alive – just make a selection from the bubbling display tanks and choose how you want it cooked. It's three blocks i…
Cafe in Ormoc

Lorenzo's Cafe

This large, popular cafe with wraparound windows has a terrace facing the promenade and air-conditioned interior. The menu has great breakfast choices and plenty of Western and Asian dishes, plus espresso coffee and…
Pub Food in Ormoc

Roma Cafe

American-owned Roma Cafe has healthy salads and Thai and Mexican tastes to accompany the speciality noodle dishes. It's also a popular drinking venue in the evening, with a busy terrace and live music some weekends.
Barbecue in Ormoc

Barbecue Stalls

Just west of the Superdome is a cluster of barbecue stalls that come to life from sunset onwards. Try the fresh, juicy pineapple sold by vendors, which the region is known for.