Philippines in detail


  • Anger Management Don't lose your temper – Filipinos will think you're loco-loco (crazy).
  • Food Abstain from grabbing that last morsel on the communal food platter – your hosts might think you’re a pauper.
  • Transport For transport frustrations, smile and adopt the Filipino maxim – bahala na (whatever will be will be).
  • Karaoke When engaged in karaoke (and trust us, you will be), don’t insult the person who sounds like a chicken getting strangled, lest it be taken the wrong way.
  • Jeepneys Don’t complain about neighbours getting cosy with you on jeepneys – space is meant to be shared.
  • Restaurants Filipinos hiss to gain someone's attention, often in restaurants to signal the waiter. It's not considered rude.