Top Choice Arts & Crafts in Baguio


Though nondescript from the outside, Sabado’s is an Aladdin's cave of genuine indigenous treasures. Poke around in the semi-gloom and you may find Kalinga spears, Ifugao headgear, hollow sticks used for carrying wat…
Arts & Crafts in Baguio

Teresita’s Antiques and Furniture

Teresita’s largely caters to serious collectors, with antique bulol out of financial reach of casual shoppers. There's also a good selection of Igorot textiles and beads, carved wooden items, vintage offering boxes …
Market in Baguio

City Market

Baguio’s city market is a 3-sq-km maze of ‘useful things’, where vendors sell everything from fruit to live poultry to low-quality crafts and souvenirs. Be prepared to haggle. There are some good eating options – fi…
Textiles in Baguio


Started by Bontoc weaver Narda Capuyan, this flagship store carries a broad selection of high-quality, locally made items, from traditional barong to bags, blouses, scarves and table runners. These threads recently …
Textiles in Baguio

Easter Weaving Room

Easter Weaving Room makes genuine Igorot weavings and traditional garments, as well as contemporary menswear and womenswear. Also sells everything from hand-woven bookmarks to tapis (woven wraparound skirts). In the…
Market in Bontoc


A covered market with fruits, vegies, grains and all manner of foods for sale. If severed pigs' heads aren't your thing, steer clear of the meat section, at the back to the left. The restaurant stalls, where you can…
Ceramics in Sagada

Sagada Pottery

On the main road to Besao, Sagada Pottery creates labour-intensive earthenware pottery that takes 30 hours to fire. Potters will show off their skills for a small fee (P100 or so) and you can try your hand at the cr…
Books in Baguio

Mt Cloud Bookshop

Arguably Luzon's hippest bookstore, with a fantastic selection of Western and Filipino titles, and a trend towards historical and ethnographic nonfiction, although there are plenty of novels also. Located below Casa…
Arts & Crafts in Sagada

Sagada Weaving

Produces backpacks and money belts, as well as traditional loincloths, table runners and more, all in the traditional patterns of the region. It's about a 20-minute walk from the centre of town along the road to Bes…
Textiles in Bontoc

Mountain Province Trade Centre

Has woven materials from Sagada, Sadanga and Samoki, all with their own distinctive styles. Located on the 2nd floor.