Banaue Viewpoint–Pula–Cambulo–Batad

Hiking in Batad

This is a reasonably strenuous hike that passes through jaw-droppingly impressive rice-terrace scenery. Most people tackle it over two days, with an overnight stop in Pula, and a guide is mandatory. Your tricycle will stop on the way at Banaue Viewpoint then drive on to Awan-Igid where the trail starts.

From here to Pula it's a four- to six-hour hike; from Pula to Cambulo it's two or three hours; and another two hours from Cambulo to Batad.

The path to Pula cuts through jungle, which is the only part of the trail that doesn't involve rice terraces. Pula itself is a tiny collection of Ifugao houses on a hilly outcrop. Just outside of Pula, there’s a waterfall and a deep swimming pool under a bridge. The trail from Pula to Cambulo follows a winding river, with terraces carved high into the mountains.

If you take this route, you might plan on spending a night in Pula, where the simple Pula Village Inn will put you up for P250 per night; in Cambulo there are a handful of guesthouses, the best being the immaculate Hiker's Homestay.

Some trekkers do this hike in reverse order, but that entails more uphill sections.