Tam-an, Poitan, Matanglag & Bocos

Hiking in Banaue

Hikes between these villages traverse rice fields in the immediate vicinity of Banaue and make for an easy half-day's walk. They can be done without a guide, provided you frequently ask for directions. You’ll see traditional Ifugao houses in all of these villages.

The 45-minute hike from Tam-an to Poitan starts near Banaue Hotel’s swimming pool and follows a century-old irrigation canal. Once you reach Poitan, ascend to the road, go left towards Banaue, then hang a right at a staircase a few minutes later and start climbing. In 30 minutes you’ll reach Matanglag, where a few bronzesmiths work. From here it’s another half-hour to Bocos, known for its woodcarving. Along the way you’ll pass the waterfall visible from Banaue. From Bocos you can descend to Banaue or head north across yet more rice terraces and end up at the viewpoint.