Area 51 Secret Party Facility

Top choice club in Boracay

Apart from having one of the greatest club names ever, Area 51 is (low voice) the only underground party spot on the island. Its schedule is appropriately linked to the phases of the moon, ie there are full-moon and black-moon parties each month, as well as others in high season.

Here you'll meet the locals, of course, and experience the unique island vibe that is Boracay. Expect food stalls, music, tribal drumming, fire dancing and the usual refreshments, uniting one and all. These are some of the biggest parties around, 400 to 500 strong, particularly on special holidays such as Halloween and New Year's Eve, and last from 11pm to sunrise. Look for the sign on the fence in front of the Dead Forest, on the road by Lugutan Beach. Aliens welcome.