Top Choice Italian in Puerto Galera

Arcobaleno Pizzeria & Ristorante

It doesn't look like much – basically a lean-to with just a few tables – but the medium-crust pizza here is the best in Puerto Galera, heaped with mozzarella and fresh toppings. There's a tall Italian staffing the k…
Top Choice International in Puerto Galera


Veranda pushes all the right buttons – delicious food, chilled-out ambience, a groovy soundtrack and good service. The creatively diverse menu leans towards French (pâté, coq au vin) and Italian (pizza), with hints …
Top Choice International in Puerto Galera

Tamarind Restaurant

Tamarind lures you in with the scent of steaks and seafood being fired up on its open-air barbecue – try the carabao (water buffalo) steak or the prawns à la tamarind. Filipino faves, pasta, schnitzel and many wines…
Top Choice Filipino in Calapan

Café del Jardin

This blissfully air-conditioned, traditionally decorated cafe is the best dining option in Calapan. In addition to coffee drinks and the full complement of Filipino specialities, there's a Japanese menu with the lik…
Top Choice International in Puerto Galera

Puerto Galera Yacht Club

This is a hidden gem, perched among the trees on the west edge of Muelle Bay. Sunset drinks and a barbecue are the traditional way to celebrate Friday, while 'Wet Wednesdays' mean all-you-can-eat curry for just P289…
Top Choice Filipino in San José

Kusina ni Lea

Kusina has air-con (a rarity in San José), friendly service and a good seafood selection, including sweet-and-sour lapu-lapu (grouper), sashimi and grilled squid.
Fusion in Puerto Galera


The eponymous Filipino chef at Rumulus serves some of PG's best food out of a nondescript shack 100m behind White Beach. It's all about the specials here – three new ones per day, usually consisting of fresh fish an…
Italian in Puerto Galera

Bella Napoli

A Sabang eatery to file away in the ‘Damn, that was good but how did I just drop P1500?’ category. A robust wine selection (glasses from P140) tempts oenophiles, while epicureans will relish the food and relaxed amb…
Steak in Puerto Galera

Papa Fred's Steakhouse

Hone in on Fred's seven-course special menus – there are four choices, usually including steak, seafood or a combination of the two. They're worth the splurge. The à-la-carte section sees fondue, Bavarian pork and g…
Filipino in Calapan

Cargo Grill

The speciality at this bar and grill is carabao meat. It's served in many forms, most popularly carabao burgers. It's 2km south of the city centre in the Tawiran district, right next to Café del Jardin.