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Top Choice Gifts & Souvenirs in Manila

Silahis Arts & Artifacts

This is almost more of a cultural centre than a shop. Intricately woven baskets, wooden Ifugao bulol statues for guarding rice, textiles and other crafts from around the country are sold next to beautiful antiques.
Top Choice Books in Manila

Solidaridad Bookshop

Owned by the Filipino author F Sionil José, Solidaridad has a masterfully curated collection of both Western and Eastern non-fiction, international magazines such as the New Yorker, and hard-to-find Filipino history…
Top Choice Vintage in Manila

Cubao Expo

Über-hip assortment of bars, kitschy shops and galleries selling everything from old LPs to retro toys and housewares.
Top Choice Gifts & Souvenirs in Manila

Balikbayan Handicrafts

Set over three levels, this is the kind of place that pulls in tourists by the busload. The merchandise is of surprisingly good quality, considering how much of it they have. The speciality is beautiful glazed cocon…
Top Choice Market in Manila

Greenhills Shopping Center

Somewhat like an indoor/outdoor flea market, Greenhills has stall after stall selling DVDs and brand-named clothing of questionable legitimacy. But snoop around here and you’ll find quality antiques and the best sel…
Top Choice Mall in Manila


This is the high end of the Ayala Centre, with scores of swish cafes and restaurants around a central park area. There are five sections (Greenbelt 1 to Greenbelt 5), each with its own character.
Market in Manila

HUB Make Lab

The HUB is basically a happy place for creators and entrepreneurs. You'll find all sorts of things being sold out of funky cubicles: wacky fashion accessories, vintage items, ice cream 'experiments' (soy sauce and b…
Gifts & Souvenirs in Manila


The speciality here is pinya (fabric woven from pineapple fibres) products – especially embroidered barongs (from P9500), but there are also lacquered coconut-shell products, baskets, bags, coffee, dried mangoes and…
Cosmetics in Manila

Lemongrass House

This well-regarded Thai import peddles all-natural oils, sunscreen, after-sun gel and an effective lavender-and-citronella mozzie repellent, among many other fragrant soaps and lotions, all sourced from small suppli…
Shopping Centre in Manila

Bonifacio High Street

This upscale open-air strip mall spans three long blocks in The Fort (BGC), with loads of good restaurants and upmarket fashion labels, plus art installations and frequent weekend festivals. It leads to the Fiesta M…