Laoag restaurants

Top Choice Ilocano in Laoag

La Preciosa

Laoag’s best-loved restaurant is highly recommended for its large portions of delicious Ilocano specialities such as pinakbét (mixed vegetable stew), crispy yet tender bagnet, dinardaan (offal simmered in pig's-bloo…
Food Hall in Laoag

Dap-ayan ti Ilocos Norte

An outdoor food court, this is a great place to sample local fare such as bagnet (crispy-fried pork belly); bright-orange empanadas filled with green papaya, longganisa, egg and bean sprouts; and the legendary Iloco…
Ilocano in Laoag

Saramsam Ylocano Restaurant

Surrounded by the owner's antique collection, you can sample the superlative pinakbét and poqui-poqui (roasted eggplant) pizza (which we suppose can be loosely classed as fusion), as well as the restaurant's unusual…