Top things to do

Park in Kiangan

Julia Campbell Agroforest Memorial Park

In the Pula barangay of Asipulo town, the 48-hectare organic coffee farm, Bantai Civet Coffee, is a WWOOF ( project that specialises in a rare and expensive type of coffee derived from the excrement…
Museum in Kiangan

Ifugao Museum

Across the lawn from the War Memorial Shrine is the Ifugao Museum, which houses an absorbing collection of Ifugao artefacts, from household utensils and headhunting bolos (machetes) to intricately carved pakko (wood…
Cultural in Kiangan

Bakle'd Kiangan

If you arrive here around the last weekend of August, you may be able to participate in the Bakle'd Kiangan, a local festival that celebrates a bountiful rice harvest; during this time, locals don traditional dress …
Landmark in Kiangan

War Memorial Shrine

A short ride up from the village proper, this pyramid-shaped shrine marks the spot where Japanese general Yamashita surrendered on 2 September 1945, only to be hanged for war crimes shortly afterwards.
Cave in Kiangan

Pangaggawan Cave

Pangaggawan Cave is a three-hour hike from Kiangan; there are other caves in the vicinity.