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Unfortunately, the Hundred Islands may be too popular for its own good. Visitors and fishing have taxed the local ecology, thus it can be difficult finding the right island where the coral hasn’t been damaged by dynamite fishing or typhoons. While many visitors 'do' the islands in a day, the Hundred Islands rewards those who take the time to snorkel, swim and lounge on the beaches over a few days.

Environmentally, the situation has improved since the Alaminos city government took control of the park in 2005. Speedboats patrol in search of illegal fishers, while the University of the Philippines Marine Science Institute in Bolinao has been repopulating the decimated giant-clam population.

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Hundred Islands Day tour from Manila

01:00 Manila to Alominos06:00 Arriva in Alominos* prepare for Island hopping07:00 Start Island Hopping* Governor Island(The Governor’s Island is a fascinating island which has a lot of wonderful things to offer its visitors. The Big Brother House was built here to serve as a transitory home for PBB teen stars Kim, Gerald, Claire and Mikee.  This island was our first destination when we toured the Hundred Islands National Park.)* Lopez Island(the lopez island at the hundred islands national park features newly built gazebos. willie lomibao)* Marcos Island(It holds one of the most liberating cliff dive spots in the province, has purer white sand than of its neighboring islands, and contains one of the sought-after activities for the adrenaline junkies out there, cliff diving in Imelda Cave.)12:00 Lunch* Quezon Island(The Quezon Island can be considered as Hundred Islands’ activity center because among its many islands, this jam-packed bliss is the only place where you’ll see a lot different fun activities happening.)* Childrends Island(This island can be considered as the kiddie version of Hundred Islands’ Quezon Island because there are plenty of fun activities here as well but are more suitable for kids. We even saw some kayaks here with special compartments for kids. )* Cuenca Cave( Inside this cave are some smooth and light-yellowish rocks which matched the exact features of its walls.)Activity: Swimming/Snorkeling16:00 Travel Back to manila20:00 ETA Manila