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Manggahan Sa Guimaras Fiesta

The island's main festival honours the much-admired mango just after harvest time. A parade and carnival are held in San Miguel, as well as a mango-eating contest that sent the last winner (13kg!) to hospital.
Seafood in Guimaras

Sa Payaw Seafood Grill

This inexpensive outdoor restaurant near the electric company in San Miguel serves excellent grilled seafood and more beneath its thatched roof.
Seafood in Guimaras

Celian Seafood

On the side of the road at the northern end of town is this open-air pavilion serving freshly caught seafood.
Pizza in Guimaras


This fast-food place at the southern end of town qualifies as fine dining in San Miguel. Its signature is the mango pizza (locally sourced, of course), plate-sized hamburgers and general enthusiasm. One of the few p…
Village in Guimaras


Navalas has the only heritage church on the island – quaint Spanish-era Navales Church (1880) is made of coral blocks blackened by the years. The much-photographed summer retreat of the wealthy López family, Roca En…
Religious in Guimaras

Ang Pagtaltal Sa Guimaras

Jordan's Easter ceremony draws crowds to Guimaras every Good Friday.