Davao drinking and nightlife

Top Choice Beer Garden in Davao

Matina Town Square

A collection of outdoor bars and food joints, and a handful of more upscale restaurants and clubs, MTS is a lively and fun spot. On Tuesday nights there’s a free outdoor show of indigenous music and dance; other nig…
Cafe in Davao

Coffee for Peace

This small cafe is the retail outpost of a fair-trade community-oriented organisation, one of the first in the Philippines to export arabica coffee. A quarter of the net profits go towards projects with its partner …
Club in Davao

Alcatraz Penal Bar

Named for the American prison, as well as a defunct '90s Davao bar, but there's little nostalgia. DJs spin the latest club dance tracks, and strobes and laser lights pierce the air. The questionable theme only reall…
Cafe in Davao

Bluegré Coffee

One of the city's coffee culture pioneers and purveyor of durian-flavoured coffee drinks. Cosy and good food and pastry selection. A few other cafes are located in this small complex of office buildings.
Club in Davao


New owners, same as the Alcatraz Penal Bar, breathed life into this massive space known as downtown's premier club in the '80s and '90s.
Cafe in Davao

Green Coffee

A large Starbucks equivalent with better cakes and pastries, as well as comfy indoor and outdoor seating.
Bar in Davao

Beereaucracy Bar

Excellent selection of foreign and craft beers.