Top things to do in Coron Town

Top Choice Island in Coron Town

Coron Island

This island, only a 20-minute bangka ride from Coron, has an imposing, mysterious skyline that wouldn’t be out of place in a King Kong film. Flying over Coron, you see that the fortresslike, jungle-clad interior is …
Top Choice Cafe in Coron Town

Get Real Cafe

This place works equally well for drinks or a meal. It's sort of a TexMex menu with more emphasis on the Tex (marbled Angus rib-eye steak) than the Mex (ellotos callejeros, or street corn). Sausages are another spec…
Top Choice Fusion in Coron Town


On the main road just east of the centre, this unassuming restaurant surprises with creative specials written on a chalkboard and a permanent menu heavy on pretty good Thai food. Specials might include steamed slipp…
Lake in Coron Town

Kayangan Lake

Accessible by a steep 10-minute climb, the crystal-clear waters of Lake Kayangan are nestled into the mountain walls; underwater is like a moonscape. There’s a little wooden walkway and platform to stash your things…
Italian in Coron Town

Trattoria Altrove

The Slovenian behind Altrove in El Nido now works his magic in Coron, with a similar formula of delicious antipasti (try the carpaccio), pasta and Palawan's best pizzas. It's in a lovely elevated open-air space awas…
Lagoon in Coron Town

Twin Lagoon

There are two sides to this photogenic lagoon where salt and fresh water meet. Boats dock in one half and and the other half is accessed by swimming through a narrow crevice. It's a de rigueur island-hopping stop, w…
Bar in Coron Town

No Name Bar

Open to the street with a mini thatch-roofed 'cabana' bar, No Name has more character than other spots. Cheap drinks and happy hour sees P40 rum and Cokes and local beers. Check out the cocktail specials on the chal…
Viewpoint in Coron Town

Mt Tapyas

Grunt your way up 700+ steps to Mt Tapyas for astounding views of Coron Bay. It's a quintessential Coron experience.
International in Coron Town


Various global delights emerge from the kitchen here: squid done several ways, beef goulash, and pork and red beans. Mung-bean curry is the highlight of the impressive vegetarian menu, or choose from the exciting ch…
Lake in Coron Town

Barracuda Lake

A popular island-hopping stop, scenic Barracuda Lake is of interest to divers for its unique layers of fresh, salt and brackish water and dramatic temperature shifts underwater (it can get as hot as 38°C). It’s acce…