Feature: Gridlock

Metropolitan Cebu is an urban monster, stretching for over 25km from its southwestern suburbs to its northeastern barangays, and encompasses the densely populated island of Mactan. Three million people live in the Cebu conurbation yet the city's antiquated transport network of fume-belching buses and jeepneys is woefully inadequate – it can take three hours to get from one side of Cebu to the other during rush hour. A number of new highways and roads are planned to help ease congestion, including a 74km, P50 billion Metro Cebu Expressway (work should start in 2018) which will connect Naga City in the south with Danao City in the north; two coastal bypass roads and new underpasses. But plans for a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) network to replace Cebu's jeepneys have been put on hold after Presidential Assistant Michael Dino declared he preferred a light rail network. In a decade or so getting around Cebu City may be very different, but for now the gridlock continues.