Philippine peso (P)

Daily Costs

Budget: Less than P1500

● Dorm bed: P300–500

● Double room in a budget hotel: P500–1400

● Meal: P50-100

● Beer: P40-60

Midrange: P1500–3500

● Double room in a hotel: P1800–3500

● Lunch and dinner in local restaurants: P350–600

● Short taxi trip: P50–100

Top end: More than P3500

● Room in a boutique hotel: more than P3500

● Gourmet dinner: P1000–2200

● Private transfer to next destination: P2000–3500


A modest amount of negotiating is expected in many outdoor markets, especially where tourist handicrafts are sold. However, prices for food commodities are usually set.

Bargaining is the rule when hiring motorbikes, or hiring tricycles, bangkas or taxis for the day. Bargaining may also bear fruit when you're walking into hotels, especially in resort areas in the low season.


ATMs are widespread. You'll find plenty around Fuente Osmeña and in the Ayala Center.

Citibank Near Ayala Center. Changes US dollars and has an ATM. Has a P15,000 withdrawal limit from its ATM.

HSBC Opposite the Ayala Center. Allows large ATM withdrawals.