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Top Choice Italian in Camiguin

Luna Ristorante

Luna does does excellent thin-crust brick-oven pizza, as well as pasta, calzones and a mean mixed-seafood grill. Located on the main road in Yumbing, right after the Checkpoint complex.
Beach in Camiguin

Cantaan Kabila White Beach Giant Clam Sanctuary

Some of the best-preserved coral around Camiguin, as well as giant clams, can be found in the waters just off this small white-sand beach halfway between Benoni and Guinsiliban in barangay Cantaan. However, typhoons…
Filipino in Camiguin


Two restaurants, Rocky's and Filete Isla Resto, with their own kitchens and menus, share the open-air 2nd-floor space of the Checkpoint mini-mall at the 'major' intersection in Yunbing. Somewhat confusingly, you can…
Italian in Camiguin

La Dolce Vita

Allesandro, the Italian owner-chef at this open-air place across from the airport, fires up delicious thin-crust brick-oven pies using only high-quality imported ingredients. Pastas and cappuccinos (P110) are also s…
Waterfall in Camiguin

Binangawan Falls

This, the shortest of the falls on Camiguin, at 15m or so, is one of the most difficult to reach and only advisable with a guide arranged through your accommodation or the tourism office (P1500). The turn-off is ju…
Landmark in Camiguin

Sunken Cemetery

Between the hillside and Bonbon you’ll see an enormous white cross floating on a pontoon in the bay, marking the spot of the Sunken Cemetery, which slipped into the sea following the earthquake of 1871; it’s a popul…
Beach in Camiguin

White Island

Uninhabited White Island (Medano Island), a pure, white-sand bar a few hundred metres offshore, is accessible by boats (P500, up to six people) that now only leave from a spot next to Paras Beach Resort in Yumbing. …
Waterfall in Camiguin

Katibawasan Falls

A beautiful clear stream of water dropping more than 70m to a plunge pool where you can swim and picnic. The few souvenir kiosks and concrete walkway means it doesn’t feel like a natural refuge. A special trip by je…
Waterfall in Camiguin

Tuwasan Falls

This previously unspoiled and beautiful spot has been disfigured by the construction of a paved road up and over the falls (part of a future all-asphalt cross-island road), which once thundered below into a canyon o…
Viewpoint in Camiguin

Stations of the Cross

Just before Bonbon you’ll pass the Old Camiguin Volcano, whose slopes have been turned into a steep and beautiful Stations of the Cross. There are great views from the top and a few souvenir stalls clustered at the …