The wreck dives offered in Coron are generally much easier to access from Concepcion, through Pirate Divers or D'Divers.

The kayaking in and around protected Dipuyai Bay (Concepcion) is superb, with both mangroves and islands to explore. Jack's Place and Anne & Mike's Guesthouse offer kayak rental.

On the east coast, sitio Lakdayan (Cheey), where Tribal Adventures has a base, is a prime spot.

Island Hopping & Snorkelling

Several attractions advertised as island-hopping stops out Coron town proper are much easier (and cheaper) to access from Concepcion and Salvacion. These include Pass Island and Calumbuyan Island. Both have superb snorkelling and white-sand beaches and are also great overnight camping locations. Staying the night at either costs P400 and includes the P200 admission fee and sleeping in a basic hut, a hammock or tents you bring on your own; pay the caretaker.

A good snorkelling and diving spot is the coral garden off the southwestern tip of Lusong Island; the shallowest wreck, the Lusong gunboat, found off the southern edge, is also prime snorkelling territory. More good snorkelling is near the Okikawa Maru wreck at the mouth of Dipuyai Bay.

A white sandy beach and magnificent sunsets make a trip out to North Cay Island (admission P100) from Salvacion worthwhile. The reef on the north side is well preserved. You can camp here too or stay in basic huts. Brooding, karst- and cave-studded Black Island (Malajon Island; admission P150) is best accessed from Ocam Ocam Beach near New Busuanga. Both islands have stunning beaches.

You can book a boat through the boatman associations in Concepcion or Salvacion. Day trips to the above islands cost P1500 to P3000, depending on where you're jumping off from and where you're going.


The waters off Calauit Island in the extreme northwest are home to a resident dugong (sea cow), an endangered species and the only marine herbivorous mammal. Resorts in northern Busuanga advertise dugong-spotting trips. These usually involve a two-hour bangka or shorter speedboat ride to the Calauit area, where you stand a great chance of seeing this dugong and, very occasionally, others as well.

There are other dugongs around Busuanga Island, especially off the northeast coast, but sighting them is a matter of chance. Vicky's Place in San Jose does dugong-spotting trips in Maricaban Bay, while Tribal Adventures has a spot about 4km south of its base in Cheey. Your chances of seeing them in this area are less than at Calauit, but you won't have to go as far and it's arguably a greater thrill when you do spot one.


Most accommodation is in Concepcion. There are budget lodges around the town pier and various options around Dipuyai Bay, a couple of kilometres south.


Dedicated restaurants are hard to come by and the resorts are your best option. You'll find turu-turò in Salvacion and simple eateries on Ocam Ocam Beach and the beaches of Cheey.