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Pension Ivatan

This thatched little oasis is, hands down, the best place in town to sample Batanes' specialities – from coconut crab and kinilaw (ceviche) to uved balls (banana root balls with bits of garlic and fish) and vunes (f…
Filipino in Basco


Opens reliably and has a great menu of basic Ivatan specialties to try; it easily becomes a regular haunt when in Basco. Try the paco (fern) salad, grilled fresh fish and filling Filipino breakfasts. All the dishes …
Filipino in Basco

Ela Food House

Basic little eatery on the corner of National and Lopez. The mother-and-daughter team cooks up classics such as lechón kawali (deep-fried pork belly) and crispy pata (deep-fried pork hock or knuckles), as well as fr…